Turtle Wax Wax-It-Wet 500ml



Turtle Wax Wax-It-Wet 500ml.

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Wax it Wet Spray Wax from Turtle Wax is the fastest and easiest car wax ever! Formulated with minute wax shine technology for the fastest way to give your car a smooth, slick finish in just one step at the same time you’re drying it.

Designed for regular use on well-maintained vehicles, after every wash Wax it Wet Spray Wax produces a highly reflective, streak-free shine with a silky-smooth finish. It is safe for use on all clearcoat automotive finishes. It contains no powdery abrasives so it is perfect for adding new life to all rubber and plastic trim – even heavily textured areas. The precisely-blended Wax it Wet Spray Wax formulation contains super-wetting and lubricating polymers to allow the sprayed wax to spread easily and evenly over a freshly-rinsed, clean finish. The perfect blend of Carnauba wax and shine polymers produce high gloss with depth and clarity. Durability silicone polymers and UV additives, water repellency, and protection from the sun’s damaging rays. This unique blend is designed to compliment earlier-applied wax by enhancing the shine and adding a layer of UV protection between regular applications of Turtle Wax. Wax it Wet Spray Wax gives your car that brilliant “just waxed” look in minutes without all the time and effort of a traditional wax.


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