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Turtle Wax Power Out! Upholstery 400ml


This #1 selling car upholstery cleaner and odor eliminator delivers professional-strength cleaning and deodorizing for the ultimate detailing job on your car’s seats.

Several unique features make this car interior cleaner super-effective at removing coffee and food stains, grease and oil, mud and dirt.

The rich foam cleaning solution covers and penetrates the entire seat for even upholstery cleaning. The removable brush has both tough, scrubbing bristles to remove deep, set-in stains and gentle bristles for lighter stains and sensitive fabrics.

The formula leaves no oily residue that can re-attract dirt and stains to seat fabrics and irritate sensitive skin. Instead, the product dries to a powder, which you easily vacuum off the upholstery.

Power Out! interior car cleaning products contain Odor-X® technology, which surrounds and eliminates odor particles at the molecular level and continues to deodorize for up to 30 days.


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