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Turtle Wax Original Hard Shell Shine Car Wax 500ml


Turtle Wax Original Hard Shell Shine Car Wax 500ML

Turtle Wax Original 500ML is the one that started it all. Based upon the original 1950’s formula, the all round car wax still offers easy on, easy off shine.

Features & Benefits:

  • A unique blend of cleaners and waxes remove ingrained dirt and light oxidation
  • Enhances the surface gloss level
  • Provides long lasting protection against the elements
  • Balanced formulation with no harsh abrasives
  • Gentle cleaners will not cause scratching and swirl marks

Use and Care:

  • 1) Wash and dry your vehicle

    2) If necessary, remove any embedded contaminants from the paint with a clay bar and a Turtle Wax exterior detailer spray

    3) Apply a quarter-sized drop of the wax to an applicator pad and, working either in circular motions or in long, straight motions, apply to a 2' x 2' section of the paint surface

    4) Allow the wax in that area to dry to a haze. Once you can drag your finger through it and break the wax coating, it's ready to be buffed off. Use a soft, clean microfibre cloth to wipe away the dried wax and reveal the beautiful, protective shine

    5) Continue around the vehicle, repeating steps 3 & 4, working in 2’ x 2’ sections, until your entire vehicle is sparkling like new


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