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Turtle Jet Black Box Car Paint Restorer Kit


Black is the ultimate color statement for your vehicle. However, black paintwork is the most difficult to maintain. Black finishes are smoother and more reflective than ever before, visually magnifying the slightest scratches.

The finish experts at Turtle Wax have developed a 2 - Step System of high-performing products to help you restore and maintain your vehicle's original deep, rich, wet, black shine without leaving any white powdery residue. The Black Box Finish Kit revitalizes, brightens and deepens dull, faded black and dark grey paint, replenishing lost color and shine to a like new condition.

The kit consists of a black pigmented restoring pre-wax cleaner and conditioner, a black pigmented restorative carnauba car wax, and a black detailer. The Black Pre-Wax Cleaner and Conditioner helps remove fine swirl marks and restores reflective properties to the surface. This product also deep cleans and increases the rich black color. In addition, this polishing compound based product will fill in stone chips and deep scratches to help create a uniform color. The Deep Black Carnauba Wax provides a hydrophobic layer of protection, long lasting high gloss shine and a uniform look to the exterior paint. Lastly, the detailer helps with removal of each product and adds additional shine with each step. The combined use of the wax and detailer makes removal easy, and helps prevent incidental swirl marks or micro scratches that can occur with hard buffing. This product can be used separately as a final detail to boost shine or protection in between regular washing.

A full list of the kit contents is as follows:

1 unit of 355ml Black Pre-wax Cleaner and Conditioner in a PET round cylinder bottle with cap.

1 unit of 355ml Deep Black Carnauba Wax in a PVC round cylinder bottle with child proof safety cap.

2 units of 355ml Black Spray Detailer in a PET round cylinder bottle with finger pump sprayer.

2 Round charcoal grey applicators.


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