Laser Jiggle Syphon 1.75m Hose



Laser Jiggle Syphon 1.75m Hose.

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Laser Jiggle Syphon 1.75m Hose. Transfers liquid using jiggle action. Continuous up and down movement “jiggling” sucks fluid up through the head and past a one-way valve into the hose, and gravity takes care of the rest. The hose is manufactured from an anti-static PVC material which is safe to use with most fluids including petrol, diesel, bio-fuels, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and water. Making this suitable for a wide range of uses, from draining fuel tanks to fish tanks. Simple and effective. Simply jiggle connector in water to start flow. Anti-static hose. Receiving container needs to be lower than jiggle end. 170cm long (hose 16mm OD – connector 21mm OD).


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